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Ivan Karels

At WERK&IK we are an experienced, enthusiastic and innovative team, dedicated to provide professional HR consulting services. Our focus is to offer recruitment solutions that help our business partners become more productive and profitable and our employees find the job that best matches their skill set or desired development in the work field. We deliver a great experience in recruitment, leadership and flexibility, following our clients employability needs.

WERK & IK is a leader in recruitment and deployment, supporting out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions. So naturally, the company offers its employees training solutions and flexible work arrangements, allowing them to create a work schedule that suits their lifestyles.

Employment & Deployment

Our full HR service portfolio helps you to manage the workflow variation and cut the additional costs.


Based on the WERK&IK
business model, our payroll
service is profitable for both
companies and employees.


With a background of 9 years
in recruitment, we are ready to
place the right people in
the right jobs


Our dedicated trainers
deliver qualification programs
for a various range of industries
and activities

Our unique business model is based on the concept of „Flex Workers”, a dynamic system in which we recruit and train people in order to meet various job requirements.

The main feature of „Flex Workers Business Model” is that provides an innovative recruiting and training solution, connecting people and companies for an efficient job match, focusing on a multi-skill development program for employees but same time the concept offers flexibility in increasing or decreasing the number of employees, making it an attractive working system for our clients.

1500 employees
recruited per year
We are active in
6 European
60 clients
9 years
of recruitment

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