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Our company


Founded in 2009 by Ivan Karels as an employment agency, WERK&IK has experienced continuous and constant growth. Based in Amsterdam, we have gradually expanded our operations to Germany, Czech Republic and Romania. Our development strategy for the near future includes Belgium and Spain.

We became experts in recruiting skilled and unskilled people across a wide range of specialized industries and professions. WERK&IK operates in various sectors that include aviation, logistics, production, hospitality, security, business services, engineering and technology. We offer our clients integrated HR solutions, dealing with permanent positions, contract roles and temporary assignments.

Our responsive working methods have been highly appreciated for almost ten years by our clients and in the same time by our employees. We have succeeded in developing a business model based on flexibility, that streamlines our clients’ costs and provides stability to our employees at the same time. Based on this model WERK&IK is one of the preferred suppliers of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

At WERK&IK we are matching each year over 1,500 people with the job they require. And we really believe that a right job can change a person’s life!



At WERK&IK we are an experienced, enthusiastic and innovative team, dedicated to provide professional HR consulting services and evolving recruitment solutions that help our business partners become more productive and profitable and our employees find the job that best matches their skill set or desired development in the work field.


There are no small or big clients, only partners. We work for the future and match candidates’ skill sets with suitable job offers. We focus on in-depth understanding of our clients, our candidates and our own business, because it is often the details that count the most.


WERK&IK business principles are based on our core values: collaboration, progress, reliability, profitability.

Business Model

The Idea

Fueled with know-how and creativity, the idea of our business model took off… in an airport. Here, the seasonal work flow variation comes with rough extra costs, given the high demands to get the security authorization for every employee. To prevent people leaving at the end of the work season, WERK&IK founder Ivan Karels came with a solution that makes the most of each employee’s potential and cuts unnecessary expenses: professional training in multiple areas.

Ideal for seasonal businesses, but not only, this concept offers flexibility in increasing or decreasing the number of employees, being profitable for all the parts involved.

The Concept

The core of our business model is the concept of „Flex Workers”, a dynamic system in which we recruit and train people in order to meet various job requirements.

We value the learning ability of our employees and support their professional development by a consistent conversion program. Our multi-qualified team is then ready to provide several types of services, especially in industries like aviation, logistics, production, cleaning etc. They can work in short shifts (3-4 hours) and perform different tasks in a day, for one or more companies.

This solves our partners’ demands in terms of seasonal workers without having to pay extra-money. Our clients get only what they need, when they need. And there are many more benefits.

The Benefits

For the companies:

By using the „Flex Workers” system, our partners pay just for the labour force they need, which reduces their costs and increases the productivity and profits.

The companies don’t have to worry anymore about the people management, hence less risks and work crisis. Thanks to this business method, our partners can deal better with the seasonal fluctuations in terms of workload.

We also cut out their concern of administrative and juridical issues.

For the employees:

We assist our employees to develop new skills through a complex training program, in order to face the challenges in the labour market.

No matter the age or education, we cover the costs of their qualification certificates, offering them a great career (re)start.

They are not constrained by a rigid work schedule and can work the number of hours they want in the days they choose, while having financial stability.