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At WERK&IK, we put our expertise to work in order to provide customized solutions for each specific business situation. As a HR agency, we use innovative thinking to meet the needs of both employees and employers.

Since 2009, we have offered advantageous outsourcing services for companies activating in various industries, like:



Employment & Deployment

Our full service portfolio for companies include
tailor-made schedule for each employee, daily managed by a human operator. We provide long term contracts with dedicated allround flexible staffing, available during every season. WERK&IK hires, allocates and supervises the workers according to the client’s demands. In this way, we manage the workflow variation and cut the additional costs.


Based on the WERK&IK business model, our payroll service is profitable for both companies and employees. The companies have no people management concerns, which lowers the risk of work conflicts or other legal issues. Our payroll service is the perfect solution for seasonal businesses, but not only: it is flexible and allows fluctuations in the number of employees, depending on the workload.


With a background of 9 years in recruitment, we are ready to place the right people in the right jobs, with an excellent match between skills and requirements. Our recruitment consultants activate across Europe, collaborating to fulfill the clients’ needs and aspirations. We can offer qualified staff for various activity fields, recruiting each year over 1,500 people from the Netherlands, Germany and Eastern Europe.


Our dedicated trainers deliver qualification programs for a various range of industries and activities. More than 2000 people have been trained in our Academy and achieved the knowledge and skills to  perform better in  different fields. We know that time is important, so we can provide fast theoretical and practical qualification to the staff required by our partners.